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2015-06-26 10:19 am

Fire Emblem Projects - Update

So, in lieu of sticking to my schedule yesterday and adding some more writing up (sorry about the slip), I'd like to make another announcement regarding my two FE Projects, Fire Emblem: Elibe, and Fire Emblem: The Black Seal.

At the recommendation of a friend, I will be attempting to create a couple of chapters of both projects via Romhack, as proof of concept until such time as the Fire Emblem XNA project is completed.

Also, to make up for the lack of updates yesterday, I offer you this as a cop-out: some character tidbits for some of the revealed characters of Black Seal. They'll be behind the readmore, and some are kinda spoiler-y, hence the readmore.
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2015-06-21 12:18 pm

Fire Emblem - The Black Seal

The pitch

Set 100 years of peace after the events of Fire Emblem 6, the kingdom of Etruria is suddenly invaded from the inside by an unknown army; before they can muster a proper defense, the great kingdom falls, its royal family imprisoned or dead, save for one princess who managed to escape to sanctuary of her Lycian allies. At the same time, a dark cult calling themselves The Black Seal begin to surface in the other nations of Elibe, promising a return of the world of monsters. The princess and her allies must come to the aid of their fellow nations while rallying them in a counter offensive to reclaim Etruria, and bring the fight back to the enemy that invaded.


Set 100 years of peace after the events of Fire Emblem 8, a failed assassination at the coronation of the next Pontifex of Rausten reveals the presence of a strange underground group known as The Black Seal, and triggers visions of an army of people, each armed with legendary weapons like the Sacred Twins, marching all over the kingdoms of Magvel. An investigation, headed by the princess of Frelia, seeks to find out more about these visions and the Black Seal, will uncover the secrets of an ancient order of knights, and be presented with the mysteries of a strange, otherwordly gate...

The proposed features
  • 4 campaigns, based on the 4 difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic)
  • Branching promotions
  • Limited class swap
  • Skills
  • Muskets

The protagonists
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2015-06-14 05:08 pm

Fire Emblem Elibe - Lundgren and Family

So, taking advantage of the schedule, let's take today to discuss some more of the changes done for the FE: Elibe project. In particular, when you read Lundgren's part of the chapter, I'm sure many of you all had the same thought:


It's kind of a long story, elaborately building to a stupid punchline, but there was a thought process behind the changes.
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2015-06-13 03:37 pm

Dear Diary: Schedule

To recap, this is the schedule I'll be keeping through the summer.

MondayCracked Articles, Other Updates
TuesdayFE Tabletop Guidebooks (GM Guide)
WednesdayBaldur's Gate Fic
ThursdayFire Emblem Elibe
FridayAfternoon/Evening Stream
Saturday(Morning)/Afternoon Stream
SundayFire Emblem Elibe OR Fire Emblem: The Black Seal

In addition, throughout the summer, there will be work on writing commissions when called for, as well as other bits of summer work.
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2015-06-13 03:37 pm

Dear Diary: Welcome

Over the course of this summer, this blog will be used to chronicle my progress on a variety of projects. I might even carry it over into the fall, when I go on exchange to South Korea. Starting this Monday, I will be attempting to maintain these projects:

Articles for I've long since wanted to write articles for Cracked, at least a few, and I do have several ideas for topics. Each Monday, I'll try to post something, though I'm not always sure what it will be, given the nature of this project.

Guidebooks for my Fire Emblem Tabletop RPG: An old project I started years ago, I've been working on it off and on for a while. For a whole semester, now, I've left it on the back burner, somewhat out of awkward shame for not updating the forum community around the book on my progress. Now, I'll attempt to do things right. Tuesday the 16th, I'll be going back on the forum, and from then on, every Tuesday, I'll take the whole day to work on the GM Guide, as well as the main book. With luck, I might be able to start the splatbooks for Third Tier and other playable races.

Baldur's Gate Fanfic, Sunken Eyes and Broken Wings: I posted the first part of this earlier; it's something I've always wanted to do, so now, every Wednesday, I'll take the chance to do work on it.

Fire Emblem Elibe: While we're waiting for the FE Maker project on Serenes Forest to finish, I'll continue posting on this project weekly on Thursdays and Sundays. These posts can be chapters, supports, or developer insights on new characters or story changes. But, some Sundays, I might also include (or do instead of FE Elibe) posts on a different Fire Emblem project; an original story, Fire Emblem: The Black Seal

Weekly streams! Every Friday and Saturday, starting in the afternoon and going on into the evening (Pacific Time), I'll be streaming a variety of games. The first game I already have in mind; from there on, I'll be setting up a pool to allow viewers to decide what I play next. Note: Since Saturdays are when I usually have a weekly RPG session with a group of friends, Streaming on Saturdays will stick to the Afternoon, sometimes the Morning and Afternoon.
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2015-06-13 01:36 pm
Entry tags:

Writing - Sunken Eyes and Broken Wings

Series: Baldur's Gate (2)
Characters (so far): Jaheria, Aerie, CHARNAME (Christian), Yoshimo, Minsc
Word Count (this part): 6075
Rating: PG
Summary: The companion who was with him the longest. The companion who reminded him so much of himself. Both broken in different ways, looking to pick up the pieces.
Prompt: Re-purposed failed NaNoWriMo entry

For NaNoWriMo 2013, I attempted something a little easier by going the fanfic route. It still didn't work, as I got swamped in course work, and eventually I lost steam/interest. But with this summer of projects, I decided I wanted to go back to it, give it another try. After all, Aerie is far and away my favourite of the female companions in the Baldur's Gate series, and Jaheria is close behind her, and I've always wanted to tell a particular story with those two.

This is the first "part" of said story. For this first part, it's a treading of old ground to introduce our two principle characters, Jaheria and Aerie. Starting in the next part, things start to take off in slightly different directions, but, for the most part, this is a retelling of the second game (and expansion) through their perspective.
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2015-06-12 08:51 pm

Fire Emblem Elibe - Lyn's Tale Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Chieftain's Daughter

Narration: On the plains of Sacae, there is not much need for temples and shrines in the reverence of Father Sky and Mother Earth. However, there are a few. One such temple is located in one of the mountain passes between Sacae and Bern, sanctuary and neutral territory to denote the border. As Lyn prepares to leave Sacae for the first time in her life, she wishes to make one more stop along the way...
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2015-06-12 02:46 pm

Fire Emblem Elibe - Why Wren? Why Ryerde

So, obviously, there are some changes in the script, some small, some big. I should probably explain some of the bigger changes along the way.

Starting with: Who’s Wren supposed to be?

The short answer is: Mark.

The long answer is under the read more, but it hopes to bring the FE7 tactician more into the story.
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2015-06-12 01:58 pm

Fire Emblem Elibe - Lyn's Tale Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Band of Mercenaries

Six months ago, Lyn lost her family and her home in a raid by the ruthless Taliver Bandits. She, along with a handful of others, escaped, but had scattered to the winds, unlikely to find each other again. For six months, Lyn was sure she was all alone in the world, until specters from her past returned in the form of two knights from Ryerde, and the tactician they escorted. On a new quest to meet her grandfather, Lyn heads southwest, to Lycia. To get there, she must pass the mountain range that separates the Sacae Plains from Bern, where bandit savagery is the way of life.
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2015-06-12 01:34 pm

Fire Emblem Elibe - Lyn's Tale Chapter 1

Chapter 1: A Girl From The Plains

{Scene Opens: An inn in Bulgar. Low ambient background noise}

Wren: Hmm…it’s not often I get to hear myself think in places like this.

{Kent enters}

Kent: Lady Wren.

Wren: Oh! You’re back. Is it just as quiet out there as it is in here?

Kent: Indeed. Apparently, outside of the food merchant district, and the city guard, the rest of Bulgar’s citizens are out hunting or on pilgrimage or just inside, this morning.

Wren: Huh. If it’s a religious custom, didn’t think our cultures would have that overlap…

Kent: …You look exhausted. Were you unable to sleep, last night?

Wren: …No. I couldn’t. Not after hearing about what had happened. To have come all this way, only to learn the Lorca Tribe was wiped out…months ago. To have to return and bring the news back to Lord Hausen…especially given everything that’s happening in Ryerde…
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2015-06-12 01:14 pm

Writing Sample - Heartseeker Darius

Series: League of Legends
Characters: Swain, Darius, Read more... )
Word Count: 556
Rating: G
Summary: Darius encourages an old friend to rekindle an old flame.
Prompt: Heartseeker (League equivalent of Valentine's Day)
A submission for a League of Fics Valentine's Day contest.
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2015-06-12 01:07 pm

Writing Sample - Only Revenge

Series: League of Legends
Characters: Kalista
Word Count: 400
Rating: PG
Summary: The pursuit of revenge does not allow for shades of grey.
Prompt: Kalista is on the trail of some unexpected quarry.
A followup submission to the League of Fics contest
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2015-06-12 12:42 pm

Writing Sample - Operation Make Riven Smile

Series: League of Legends
Characters: Nami, Veigar, Lulu, Gnar, Fizz, Riven
Word Count: 588
Rating: G
Summary: Nami's assembled a team. A crack team. For the good times.
Prompt: Open submission under 500 words

A submission for a League of Fics contest. Now featuring a bonus 90 word epilogue scene.
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2015-06-12 12:35 pm
Entry tags:

Writing Sample - Purpose

Series: Fire Emblem, Elibe
Characters: Fiora, Geitz
Word Count: 1057
Rating: G
Summary: “What brings a vagabond noble like you to the frozen north of Ilia?”
Prompt: Fiora and Gietz: Rebuilding a mercenary band

Written for MorriganFearn as part of Nagamas 2014
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2015-06-12 11:56 am
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Writing Sample - Nameless You Above Me

Series: Fire Emblem, Tellius
Characters: Micaiah, Volug, Nailah (featuring Pelleas)
Word Count: 1560
Rating: G
Summary: "Some devotions go beyond loyalty, or even love. Some combine those feelings into something even greater."
Prompt: Micaiah/+Volug. Songprompt. One-sided Volug->Micaiah preferred; other stuff is good too. Rating limit PG-13.

Written for Queenlua as part of Summer Nagamas 2014
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2015-06-12 11:05 am
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Writing Sample - Happy Birthday, L'Arachel!

Series: Fire Emblem, Magvel
Characters: Eirika, Seth, Innes, L'Arachel
Word Count: 2051
Rating: G
Summary: Seth and Innes attempt to escort a young Eirika and L'Arachel back to the latter's birthday party. Attempt.
Prompt: “Eirika, Seth, Innes and L'Arachel get separated from the group but L'Arachel gets them back” + “any pre-game stuff”

Written for Alli as part of Nagamas 2013
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2013-02-14 12:45 am

Those Magnificent Men With Their Facial Hair

So it was while I was playing Fire Emblem Awakening that I made a startling and unforgivable discovery. There are many things that I wish were for the better in this game, some stuff brought to the next game, others dropped or reworked. But there is one problem that, if not treated, might just be a deal breaker to the next Fire Emblem.

I speak, of course, of a disturbing lack of allies with magnificent facial hair.
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2013-02-10 08:39 pm

FE Love Story, Pt. 2


Back on Tumblr, I made a post talking about the love triangle in FE3 of Hardin, Nyna, and Camus (and Teeta), summarizing it and talking about some of the tragedy of it. Through that I expressed my love of the story as one of my favourite uses of romance as drama in the Fire Emblem series. So below, I'm going to talk about a similar love story that I have an interest in, the one of Princess Lachesis from Fire Emblem 4. Now, this is just going to be me giving a sort of fic-like detailing of how I see it going down, answering questions like "Why could Delmud and Felgus wield the Beo Sword but not Nanna?" "Is Finn really Nanna's father or just surrogate as the last surviving member of Sigurd's campaign?" "Just how close were Lachesis and Eltoshan anyway?" So bare in mind that while the FE3 talk was mostly just a reiteration of canon, the following is...well...more than likely glorified head canon rambling.

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2013-02-09 11:18 pm

Proposed New Archetype

Clarine and Dorothy

Named after Clarine, an Eturian noblewoman and Troubadour, and Dorothy, an Eturian commoner and Archer. Their support was based around the normally snobbish and haughty Clarine taking a shine on the homely and passive Dorothy, and trying to make her more lady-like, the two bonding and becoming fast friends through it, although with only modest success in Clarine's original goal. Since then, there have been several instances of a haughty or stand-offish girl taking a more timid and shy partner under their wing, almost always to overcome their timidity, and sometimes to improve their appearance. This is usually a humanizing element in the telling of their character, and is usually a fast indicator of their kinder side, whereas in other supports, it may take until the second or even the third and final support that their kindness finally shines through. In the archetype, the Clarine is usually immediately seen to be a kinder person because of how she immediately dotes upon the Dorothy. Usually the Clarine is of noble blood, or at least of the upper class, while the Dorothy is a commoner.
Notable Clarine and Dorothy pairs (in that order) are:
In the FE7 example, it's the Dorothy (Florina) who approaches the Clarine (Serra), whereas it's usually the other way around.

The last one is more arguable; Lissa does not fit any of the requirements to be the Dorothy, except for allowing Maribelle to be the Clarine. It still fits in that their friendship is an immediate sign of Maribelle's better, kinder nature.
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2013-02-03 03:58 pm

Crossbows, or How FE10 Struck Gold And Then Covered It With Sick

Some games in the series I like more than others for different reasons. FE7 will always be dear to my heart for basically getting me into game design (and FE6 being fun as it was led to Elibe being my favourite FE timeline), while FE8 had my favourite storyline of the games. FE9 and FE3 are probably my favourite overall, but as far as pure gameplay is concerned, FE10 is probably my favourite. But in each case, there's always something about that irks me and makes me wish it were better or changed up. And in FE10's case, for as much fun as the chapters are individually, there are plenty of elements that had a lot of promise but then fell drastically short.

Case in point: Crossbows.
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