Jun. 21st, 2015

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The pitch

Set 100 years of peace after the events of Fire Emblem 6, the kingdom of Etruria is suddenly invaded from the inside by an unknown army; before they can muster a proper defense, the great kingdom falls, its royal family imprisoned or dead, save for one princess who managed to escape to sanctuary of her Lycian allies. At the same time, a dark cult calling themselves The Black Seal begin to surface in the other nations of Elibe, promising a return of the world of monsters. The princess and her allies must come to the aid of their fellow nations while rallying them in a counter offensive to reclaim Etruria, and bring the fight back to the enemy that invaded.


Set 100 years of peace after the events of Fire Emblem 8, a failed assassination at the coronation of the next Pontifex of Rausten reveals the presence of a strange underground group known as The Black Seal, and triggers visions of an army of people, each armed with legendary weapons like the Sacred Twins, marching all over the kingdoms of Magvel. An investigation, headed by the princess of Frelia, seeks to find out more about these visions and the Black Seal, will uncover the secrets of an ancient order of knights, and be presented with the mysteries of a strange, otherwordly gate...

The proposed features
  • 4 campaigns, based on the 4 difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic)
  • Branching promotions
  • Limited class swap
  • Skills
  • Muskets

The protagonists
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