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Chapter 1: A Girl From The Plains

{Scene Opens: An inn in Bulgar. Low ambient background noise}

Wren: Hmm…it’s not often I get to hear myself think in places like this.

{Kent enters}

Kent: Lady Wren.

Wren: Oh! You’re back. Is it just as quiet out there as it is in here?

Kent: Indeed. Apparently, outside of the food merchant district, and the city guard, the rest of Bulgar’s citizens are out hunting or on pilgrimage or just inside, this morning.

Wren: Huh. If it’s a religious custom, didn’t think our cultures would have that overlap…

Kent: …You look exhausted. Were you unable to sleep, last night?

Wren: …No. I couldn’t. Not after hearing about what had happened. To have come all this way, only to learn the Lorca Tribe was wiped out…months ago. To have to return and bring the news back to Lord Hausen…especially given everything that’s happening in Ryerde…

Kent: What are those papers all over the table?

Wren: Hmm? Oh, these? These are some portraits of Lady Madelyn and Sir Hassar, and the letter they sent Lord Hausen six months ago. I was making notes to figure out what they would probably look like now.

Kent: Including Lyndis?

Wren: Why, yes. …Are you suggesting…?

Kent: During my investigation this morning, I’ve heard that some members of the Lorca tribe survived, scattering to the winds when their camp was attacked. It’s possible that their daughter, maybe even Lady Madelyn herself survived.

Wren: Really? That…yes, Sir Hassar is the type of man who would’ve sacrificed his life to ensure the survival of…yes! We have to keep looking! Where’s Sain?

Kent: I’m…not sure. He left shortly before I did, this morning. Didn’t exactly say where he was going.

Sain: (from off screen) Aha, good day to you, my friends! So glad to find you both here!

Kent: (as Sain enters) Speak of the devil.

Wren: What were you up to just now, Sain?

Sain: The girls of Sacae are so different from the girls of Lycia! To a woman, regardless of standing, they are women of the earth and sky! And, to a one, they are all so strikingly ravishing!

Kent: Haaaaof course…

Sain: But, apparently, the fairest of all is a hermit of sorts; she’s a young woman who lives a few miles out from Bulgar. A refugee of the attack on the Lorca tribe, she only comes to Bulgar for the occasional supplies, but, when she does, she comes with an air of both regality and quiet tragedy. My friends, I do believe Madelyn’s daughter yet lives!

Wren: Kent just found out that there were several survivors, already. But now we know the one we’re looking for might be close by…thank you, Sain. This should definitely help.

Sain: Lady Wren, if I could bring relief and take a weight off your brow, it is reward enough for the whole trip.

Wren: Mmhmm. How charming you can be, even to a woman old enough to be your mother. Did they say where this hermit lived, as far as direction?

Sain: Not exactly. I was able to extrapolate from conversation that she mostly came from the southern entrance to tow–

{The noise stops. Suddenly, loud commotion}

Kent: Wait…what was that!?

{Fade out. Fade in outside in the streets, Sain and Kent appearing on the right side, an exhausted Sacaen woman on the left. Sain rushes over to her}

Sain: Whoa, easy now, I’ve got you.

Kent: What’s happening?

Woman: Bandits…a small army of them is attacking from the east! Most everyone is away, and the guard that remain are dealing with them.

Sain: Will they be able to handle it?

Woman: They should. Ex…excuse me, I must have panicked. Even with this surprise attack, we should be fine.

Kent: That’s a relief. Still, get to somewhere safe, and be ready for anything.

Woman: Thank you, sirs!

{Woman leaves. Kent moves to the left, as Wren appears on the right}

Sain: Hopefully, the guard does indeed have this.

Wren: But what would posses a band of raiders to attack a city like Bulgar, even if most of the men are gone?

Kent: Especially from the east. The richest district is to the south…

{Pregnant pause}

Sain: I think we should make a visit to the southern entrance to town.

Kent & Wren: Right.

{Fade out. Fade in on the first map of the game. Kent and Sain, in blue, ride in, followed by Wren, in green. A bunch of bandits are already present, including one with a boss icon}

Lackey: Just like you figured, boss. Everyone’s distracted by those lowlifes you threw at the east wall.

Batta: Heh. Looks like the “die to them or die to me” ultimatum continues to work. Plus, wipes another bunch of useless rivals off the map. Alright, boys! Get in, get the goods, get out! Get it?

Bandits: Got it!

Batta: Good! And anyone who tries to be a hero and stop us? You tell ‘em they answer to Batta the Beast!

Kent: I knew it. More bandits. And these ones look tough…

Sain: If they get in, they could do untold damage before the city guard could react! We have to stop them!

Kent: It’s incredibly dangerous for the two of us alone to try and stop them. It could compromise our mission to return Lord Hausen’s family to Ryerde.

Sain: But we can’t do nothing!

Kent: I know. I’m just letting you know to be particularly careful, out there.

Sain: Ha! Exactly! As ambassadors of Lycia to the biggest commercial city in Sacae, it is our duty to help them fend off this attack!

Kent: Indeed. Lady Wren, keep sharp; we’re going to need you thinking on your feet if we want a good strategy for taking them out.

Wren: Right. Good luck, gentlemen. Here they come…!

{The battle begins. At the start of the player’s second phase, Lyn spawns at the bottom of the map, next to a bandit who hasn’t moved}

Wren: Wait…a girl just appeared on the field! Is she with the bandits? not likely, but then, who…?

Girl: It’s Lyn! We’re saved!

Wren: Lyn? Lyn…Ah!

Lyn: Looks like I’m not too late…there’s a lot of them, but…until the guard comes, I can’t falter!

Lackey: Hey! Wh-who the heck are you? Pretty young thing, trying to be the hero? Let’s see how good you are; maybe there’ll be enough of you left over to salvage!

{The bandit attacks Lyn, but misses. Lyn counters with two hits. The first connects, the second crits. The bandit dies}

Lyn: Wasn’t enough of you to salvage for the buzzards. Who’s next?

{Talks - Sain talks to Kent, or vice versa}

Kent: Sain! Where’s your sword?

Sain: The lance is more heroic. A knight should look heroic, don’t you think?

Kent: You’re hopeless. If you don’t take fighting more seriously, you’re going to find yourself on the end of a blade!

Sain: Truth be told, I…forgot my sword back at the inn.

Kent: Forgot? Was this before or after your dallying with the ladies?

Sain: Don’t be so mad! I’ll be fine with a lance. I’m that good!

Kent: I’d prefer to rely on your skill, not your empty bragging! Take my spare blade and use it to attack next time!

Sain: Are you sure? My thanks, Kent!

Kent: You’re almost more trouble than you’re worth. Almost.

{Sain receives an Iron Sword}

{Sain talks to Lyn, or vice versa}

Lyn: You’re not Sacaen…are you a travelling knight?

Sain: Indeed, fair swordmistress! I am Sir Sain, noble knight of Ryerde, on a quest to find my lord's lost granddaughter! But that will have to wait; the fair maidens of this village are in peril, and it is my duty as a knight to sample as much peril as I can!

Lyn: I…see… Are you alright? None of the bandits hit you too hard, did they?

Sain: Huh? Oh! Have I been injured? What a cad I am! To wrinkle that perfect brow of yours with worry for me…

Lyn: Uh… I was thinking of giving you a vulnerary, but… It looks like you’re fine. So, never you mind.

Sain: No, wait! I’ll take it! Please! I’ll take it!

Lyn: I thought so. Here, I have a spare. Make use of it, and we’ll talk when this is finished.

Sain: Of course, fair swordmistress! Ah… A gift from yon angel… Tis truly the healing power of love!

{Sain receives a Vulnerary}

{Kent talks to Lyn, or vice versa}

Kent: Young woman! Are you alright?

Lyn: Better than them. So you’re also intent on helping the village?

Kent: Of course. Though I am a stranger, I cannot sit idle while innocents are threatened. So I will give my all to drive these bandits out.

Lyn: Your all, you say? Then why do you seem so distracted?

Kent: Oh…am I? I apologize, I must be…no, there is no time. We’ll discuss once this is over.

Lyn: Of course. I’ll need to thank you for helping my people once this is done.

(Against Batta)

Batta: Who do you think you are? You think you can stand up to Batta the Beast?

(When Batta dies)

Batta: What? How… How did you–

{Post battle, Lyn approaches some Sacaen women}

Lyn: Is everyone alright?

Girl: Yes, thanks to you and those knights.

Woman: Thank goodness you were here, Lyn. You’ve done so much to protect us from bandits.

Lyn: I do what I can to help. I’m just glad no one was hurt.

Wren: Excuse me?

Lyn: Hmm? …Are you with the knights?

Wren: Yes. I am Wren, courtier and tactician.

Lyn: I am Lyn, of the Lorca. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Wren: The Lorca…

{Image of Lyn and the two knights}

Lyn: And they are…?

{Back to the talking heads}

Kent: Permit me. I am Sir Kent, steward of Ryerde. And this is my partner, Sir Sain.

Sain: A most wonderful pleasure, Lady Lyn.

Lyn: A…yes, indeed. What brings two knights and a lady from…Ryerde, was it? Why have you come to Sacae?

Kent: We have ventured from Ryerde, in Lycia, in search of someone.

Lyn: Lycia… Ah yes. That’s the country beyond the mountains in the south-west, isn’t it?

Kent: Correct. We’ve come as messengers to the Lady Madelyn, who eloped with a nomad some 19 years ago.

Lyn: Madelyn?

Kent: Our lord the marquess of Ryerde’s only daughter. He was heartbroken his own daughter would abandon him so. Eventually, the marquess simply declared that he had no daughter.

Sain: And then, this year, we received a letter from Lady Madelyn. It said she, her husband, and their daughter were living happily on the Sacae plains. The marquess was ecstatic to learn he had a granddaughter of 16 years. I remember the smile on his face when he announced that he’d suddenly become a grandfather. The granddaughter’s name is Lyndis. This was also the name of the marquess’s wife, who passed away at an early age.

Lyn: Lyndis…

Sain: That she should bear this name thawed the marquess’s heart. Now, his only wish is to meet his daughter’s family at least once. This is why we’re here. We didn’t know that Lady Madelyn died a few days after sending her letter… We only learnt this shortly after arriving here in Bulgar.

Kent: But we also learned, just this morning, that all was not lost. Her daughter yet lives. We heard that she was living alone on the plains. I… I knew it immediately. You are the Lady Lyndis.

Lyn: (looks down, melancholic) …

Wren: Yes… Your resemblance to your departed mother is remarkable.

Lyn: (looks up) What? Did you know my mother?

Wren: Intermittently during my time working for your grandfather, but I saw her portraits in Castle Ryerde every day.

Lyn: To the rest of my tribe, I was always Lyn. But when I was with my parents… When it was just the three of us, I was Lyndis. It’s all so strange. I was all alone in the world, and now I have a grandfather. Lyndis… I never thought I would hear that name again.


Lyn: For…forgive my tears. I just… I thought I would be alone, forever. When my mother and father died, six months ago, and my tribe was shattered by bandits, I… I didn’t have any family left, as far as I know. And now… It’s sad, but also, I’m so…relieved.

Sain: Your grandfather feels the same way. I’m sure he’d love to meet you.

Lyn: I… … I would like to meet him, as well. You came all this way to find me and bring me back to him, correct? Then, I accept your invitation, and I will gladly accompany you.

Wren: Do you need to collect anything before you leave?

Lyn: No–well, actually, there are a few things from my hut I would like to collect, if you’ll excuse me.

Sain: Of course! Permit me, then, to escourt you, so that we are all together when we leave for home–

Lyn: No, no, that’s alright. You’ll still be in Bulgar, correct? We could hit out at first light, tomorrow morning.

Wren: Sounds perfect. We have things we need to pack, as well.

Woman: Excuse me? But… Lyn, if you’re leaving on a journey to Lycia, then… Please, as thanks for saving us, you and your friends here, take whatever supplies you need.

Lyn: Are you certain? … I thank you, then. You have always been so kind to me.

Woman: You’ve always watched out for us. I figure you had your reasons for keeping distant, but, the Lorca were a good tribe. We would’ve accepted you here and given you shelter for as long as you needed.

Lyn: Thank you…

Kent: We shall see you on the morrow, Lady Lyndis. And do not worry. Sain and I shall ensure you and Lady Wren return to Ryerde safely.

{Fade out. End Chapter 1}


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