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So, taking advantage of the schedule, let's take today to discuss some more of the changes done for the FE: Elibe project. In particular, when you read Lundgren's part of the chapter, I'm sure many of you all had the same thought:


It's kind of a long story, elaborately building to a stupid punchline, but there was a thought process behind the changes.
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Chapter 3: The Chieftain's Daughter

Narration: On the plains of Sacae, there is not much need for temples and shrines in the reverence of Father Sky and Mother Earth. However, there are a few. One such temple is located in one of the mountain passes between Sacae and Bern, sanctuary and neutral territory to denote the border. As Lyn prepares to leave Sacae for the first time in her life, she wishes to make one more stop along the way...
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Chapter 2: Band of Mercenaries

Six months ago, Lyn lost her family and her home in a raid by the ruthless Taliver Bandits. She, along with a handful of others, escaped, but had scattered to the winds, unlikely to find each other again. For six months, Lyn was sure she was all alone in the world, until specters from her past returned in the form of two knights from Ryerde, and the tactician they escorted. On a new quest to meet her grandfather, Lyn heads southwest, to Lycia. To get there, she must pass the mountain range that separates the Sacae Plains from Bern, where bandit savagery is the way of life.
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Chapter 1: A Girl From The Plains

{Scene Opens: An inn in Bulgar. Low ambient background noise}

Wren: Hmm…it’s not often I get to hear myself think in places like this.

{Kent enters}

Kent: Lady Wren.

Wren: Oh! You’re back. Is it just as quiet out there as it is in here?

Kent: Indeed. Apparently, outside of the food merchant district, and the city guard, the rest of Bulgar’s citizens are out hunting or on pilgrimage or just inside, this morning.

Wren: Huh. If it’s a religious custom, didn’t think our cultures would have that overlap…

Kent: …You look exhausted. Were you unable to sleep, last night?

Wren: …No. I couldn’t. Not after hearing about what had happened. To have come all this way, only to learn the Lorca Tribe was wiped out…months ago. To have to return and bring the news back to Lord Hausen…especially given everything that’s happening in Ryerde…
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