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So it was while I was playing Fire Emblem Awakening that I made a startling and unforgivable discovery. There are many things that I wish were for the better in this game, some stuff brought to the next game, others dropped or reworked. But there is one problem that, if not treated, might just be a deal breaker to the next Fire Emblem.

I speak, of course, of a disturbing lack of allies with magnificent facial hair.
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Back on Tumblr, I made a post talking about the love triangle in FE3 of Hardin, Nyna, and Camus (and Teeta), summarizing it and talking about some of the tragedy of it. Through that I expressed my love of the story as one of my favourite uses of romance as drama in the Fire Emblem series. So below, I'm going to talk about a similar love story that I have an interest in, the one of Princess Lachesis from Fire Emblem 4. Now, this is just going to be me giving a sort of fic-like detailing of how I see it going down, answering questions like "Why could Delmud and Felgus wield the Beo Sword but not Nanna?" "Is Finn really Nanna's father or just surrogate as the last surviving member of Sigurd's campaign?" "Just how close were Lachesis and Eltoshan anyway?" So bare in mind that while the FE3 talk was mostly just a reiteration of canon, the following is...well...more than likely glorified head canon rambling.

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Clarine and Dorothy

Named after Clarine, an Eturian noblewoman and Troubadour, and Dorothy, an Eturian commoner and Archer. Their support was based around the normally snobbish and haughty Clarine taking a shine on the homely and passive Dorothy, and trying to make her more lady-like, the two bonding and becoming fast friends through it, although with only modest success in Clarine's original goal. Since then, there have been several instances of a haughty or stand-offish girl taking a more timid and shy partner under their wing, almost always to overcome their timidity, and sometimes to improve their appearance. This is usually a humanizing element in the telling of their character, and is usually a fast indicator of their kinder side, whereas in other supports, it may take until the second or even the third and final support that their kindness finally shines through. In the archetype, the Clarine is usually immediately seen to be a kinder person because of how she immediately dotes upon the Dorothy. Usually the Clarine is of noble blood, or at least of the upper class, while the Dorothy is a commoner.
Notable Clarine and Dorothy pairs (in that order) are:
In the FE7 example, it's the Dorothy (Florina) who approaches the Clarine (Serra), whereas it's usually the other way around.

The last one is more arguable; Lissa does not fit any of the requirements to be the Dorothy, except for allowing Maribelle to be the Clarine. It still fits in that their friendship is an immediate sign of Maribelle's better, kinder nature.


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