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So, in lieu of sticking to my schedule yesterday and adding some more writing up (sorry about the slip), I'd like to make another announcement regarding my two FE Projects, Fire Emblem: Elibe, and Fire Emblem: The Black Seal.

At the recommendation of a friend, I will be attempting to create a couple of chapters of both projects via Romhack, as proof of concept until such time as the Fire Emblem XNA project is completed.

Also, to make up for the lack of updates yesterday, I offer you this as a cop-out: some character tidbits for some of the revealed characters of Black Seal. They'll be behind the readmore, and some are kinda spoiler-y, hence the readmore.

-Rosin was designed as a sort of like a Fire Emblem protagonist for the enemy team, recruiting unique individuals to their cause through charisma and appealing to their nature. Hence the image being based so much on Seliph. Players, however, are able to recruit Rosin later in the game through an extended conversation and combat line with Alysa.

-Rosin is also a trans woman, who hasn't felt comfortable or safe coming out to anyone just yet. She will, however, come out to her support partners, in time.

-Of the characters revealed...
The following are straight: Winny, Jericho, Tyris, Jetsu
The following are gay: Gavrael
The following are lesbians: Selshia, Rosin
The following are bi: Alysa, Honeychile, Ali Alhazred, Agravain, Catherine, Nami, Miho, Kay
The following are ace: Jeddite

-Jeddite is actually a dragon. An extraordinarily powerful black, bearded dragon, immune to magic and impervious to most weapons. Living in the human world for so long, a lot of his power waned, especially after his dragonstone was stolen from his hoard. He's still a powerful warlock, practitioner of Dark Magic, but should he recover his dragonstone, he'll break the game in half. They are also above the notion of gender, not seeing themselves as any gender. They'll tolerate you using "he" pronouns, as it's a common mistake in English, but he'll give you much more respect in conversation if you use "they" and likewise.

-Nami is the reincarnated soul of Princess Nyna, but is the first to realize this. After living much of her early life in crippling depression, her realization of these multiple lives, treatment for her depression, training, teaching, and meditation, have fast tracked Nami to full buddha status. She chooses instead to decline her nirvana, instead wanting to help others reach enlightenment and peace like she has.

-Miho is a dreamwalker, able to enter other people's dreams and influence them. However, she once used this ability for evil purposes, to "test" her then present companions. Realizing the weight of what she had done, as well as many other awkward implications of the fallout, caused Miho to leave Agravain's service, and turn her self-hatred into full on self-loathing.

-Selshia has a secret ending with Kay...AND Honeychile. There are a few other secret endings, but their's is the easiest to find (simply A Support with Selshia and Kay, and then B Support with Selshia and Honeychile at the same time)


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