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The pitch

Set 100 years of peace after the events of Fire Emblem 6, the kingdom of Etruria is suddenly invaded from the inside by an unknown army; before they can muster a proper defense, the great kingdom falls, its royal family imprisoned or dead, save for one princess who managed to escape to sanctuary of her Lycian allies. At the same time, a dark cult calling themselves The Black Seal begin to surface in the other nations of Elibe, promising a return of the world of monsters. The princess and her allies must come to the aid of their fellow nations while rallying them in a counter offensive to reclaim Etruria, and bring the fight back to the enemy that invaded.


Set 100 years of peace after the events of Fire Emblem 8, a failed assassination at the coronation of the next Pontifex of Rausten reveals the presence of a strange underground group known as The Black Seal, and triggers visions of an army of people, each armed with legendary weapons like the Sacred Twins, marching all over the kingdoms of Magvel. An investigation, headed by the princess of Frelia, seeks to find out more about these visions and the Black Seal, will uncover the secrets of an ancient order of knights, and be presented with the mysteries of a strange, otherwordly gate...

The proposed features
  • 4 campaigns, based on the 4 difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, Lunatic)
  • Branching promotions
  • Limited class swap
  • Skills
  • Muskets

The protagonists

Selshia presprite concept Selshia: Protagonist of Lunatic mode, and central player in the Elibe story. One of the princesses of Etruria, daughter of the king and his second wife, a daughter of a Sacaen chieftain. Currently fourth in line for the throne, Selshia was the one member of the royal family to escape during the invasion of Etruria by the mysterious army, with the help of several sympathetic citizens. While popular with the people, Selshia never took serious training in politics, instead focusing on her training as a swordswoman and Sacaen diplomat. She is duty bound to liberate her kingdom, but is scared of being forced to rule it when the dust settles. What she'd love to do is save her kingdom, and then ride off into the sunset, without thousands of eyes upon her every move and decision.

Alysa presprite concept Alysa: Protagonist of Hard mode, and leading lady of the Magvel story. Princess of Frelia, and youngest child of three. A prodigy in Pegasus riding and combat, Alysa is also said to have taken much after her great grandfather, King Innes. Confident, independent, and headstrong, Alysa volunteered to lead a branch of the investigation into the underground organization of The Black Seal, as well as rumours of a mysterious, magical gateway. She dreams of greatness, and sees this investigation as a major stepping stone on her path to glory, but she does understand the gravity of the situation, so she's determined not to approach the issue blindly.

Honeychile portrait concept Honeychile: Protagonist of Normal mode, and major player in the Elibe story. Daughter of the Marquees of Santurez, and childhood friend of Selshia, Honeychile was on her way to Etruria to celebrate a major festival with her friend, when the invasion took all of Elibe by surprise. Once Selshia escaped Etruria, along with what little band of fighters and servants she could bring with her, Honeychile helped spirit Selshia away to safety. She now wishes nothing more than to assist Selshia's mission to liberate her kingdom. A pious woman of the faith, Honeychile is caring and warm, the surrogate-big-sister type of person. She is also an accomplished duelist, and a student of holy magic. Despite her heroic behaviour, she does have a wild side she's often embarrassed by...

Winny portrait concept Winny: Protagonist of Easy mode, and major player in the Elibe story. 20 years after the events of Binding Blade, a revitalization project goes underway to bring Valor, the Dread Isle, back into Lycia. During the project, an extremely rich gold vein is discovered by a noble named Hieronymus Gnom. House Gnom soon became the rulers of the independent island nation. Winny is the grandson of Hieronymus, living a sheltered life training with (or, rather, pestering) the royal guard. He eventually convinced his father to let him go off and see the world, as an ambassador. On his first outing, he found the runaway princess of Etruria, and offered her sanctuary. Being only 12 years old, Winny sees the world with a sense of glee and wonder, and...different from how it might actually be...

Gavrael portrait concept Gavrael (portrait splice made by ThisPleasesTormod): While not a protagonist, he is the deuteragonist of the Magvel story. An orphaned noble boy, Gavrael survives as a wandering bard, although wandering not by choice. He met Alysa during the coronation that sparked her investigation, and offered to come along with her, partly out of an earnest desire to help, partly out of a desire for protection; the monsters of Magvel seem to have a particular interest in him. Despite that, and an unpleasant past, Gavrael is still a young lad with a love for the arts, and an insatiable curiousity, tied in a package by youthful exuberance and pleasantness. A staunch pacifist who prefers to play cheerleader way in the backline when the swords come out.

The major players

Ali portrait concept Prince Ali Alhazred: Ruler of the unified nomad tribes of the Nabata Desert. An excellent horse archer and swordsman, Ali Alhazred is both charismatic and cocky as a ruler of a fledgling nation. He is eager to lend his services to the liberation of Etruria, but he more than understands the value of a good bargain and contract.

Rosin portrait concept Rosin: The Prince of Grado, also known as Rosin the Beaux. A desirable suitor, and in talks of an arranged marriage to Princess Alysa, Rosin is actually the leader of The Black Seal. However, given Rosin's heroic and kind personality, it's suspected that there is someone else who is really in charge of the Seal, and that Rosin is merely the face of the organization...

Agravain presprite concept Agravain (image source lost): The Prince of Bern, and next in line to the throne. An extraordinarily skilled swordsman and magician, as well as an incredibly talented diplomat and politician, many nobles seek to marry their sons or daughters to him. Secretly, he leads a templar order known as the Rose Knights, protectors of Elibe who serve no crown.

Catherine presprite concept Catherine: A noblewoman from the Republic of Carcino, who sits on the council. When mysterious beasts known as griffons came to roost in the mountainous region of Carcino, Catherine's family was one of the first to tame the great creatures. She maintains her family's proud tradition of breeding and training griffons as mounts, both in and out of combat. A brilliant tactician with an eye for talent, Catherine strives to bring the most out of her subordinates...kicking and screaming, if she must.

Jericho presprite concept Lord Jericho: The sorcerer king of the mysterious nation whose army invaded Etruria. A brilliant tactician who plots with his generals and commands his troops through magical projections, his attack on Etruria seems almost unprovoked, though he still bears a distinct animosity towards the kingdom. While he does not share this same hatred with the rest of Elibe, with his seemingly infinite resources and endless number of troops and mercenaries, he sees no reason not to continue his expansion across the rest of the continent.

The minor players

Nami presprite concept Nami (image source): A wandering sorceress who used to work for Prince Agravain. Exuberant and excitable, Nami tempers that with an incredibly kind and open heart. Self deprecating about her own intelligence and abilities, she's skilled in elemental magic and amplifying her own physical abilities. She's outstandingly forgiving and always open to talk about personal problems, which has spread rumours about her being something known as a bodhisattva...

Miho presprite concept Miho: A self described "warlock hunter." A quiet and cold young woman who claims to have no innate magical powers, all of it stemming from her family heirloom: a magical purple ribbon. However, she's incredibly well educated in all forms of magic, which, along with her combat skills, she's almost smugly proud of. She does wish to do good, though, having worked with Agravain in the past. She carries an air of sadness and self loathing, and Nami seems to be her only friend...

Jeddite presprite concept Jeddite: A mysterious warlock who lives as a hermit in the mountains between Bern and Sacae. Many seek him out due to his immense knowledge of magic, but, until he was approached by the heroes of this story, he's turned everyone away. He also has a bottomless well of knowledge on dragons, and an uncanny ability to read people.

Kay portrait concept Kay: A pirate queen who operates out of the Western Union and the Missur peninsula. Daughter of a famous pirate king who fell overboard one stormy night, Kay now takes over her father's legacy. Despite her piracy, she has a heroic side, coming to the aid of Prince Winny's ship as he attempted to spirit Lady Honeychile and Princess Selshia to safety. A skilled swashbuckler with a flare for the dramatic, Kay offers to throw in her lot with the heroes to find pardon for her and her father's past. She's taken a keen interest in the Princess in particular...

Tyris presprite concept Tyris: A former soldier of Renais, and an extraordinarily talented cavalier, to the point where she was able to tilt lances with some of the most experienced knights in all of Magvel. Lady Catherine recognized Tyris's potential, and offered her a position as a Griffon Knight of Carcino. Tyris, ever the seeker of new and exciting challenges, leaped at the opportunity.

Jetsu portrait concept Jetsu: A former knight of Renais, who vanished several years ago without a word. Rumours of him have resurfaced, along with mentions of a mysterious order known as The Rose Knights...


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