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Over the course of this summer, this blog will be used to chronicle my progress on a variety of projects. I might even carry it over into the fall, when I go on exchange to South Korea. Starting this Monday, I will be attempting to maintain these projects:

Articles for I've long since wanted to write articles for Cracked, at least a few, and I do have several ideas for topics. Each Monday, I'll try to post something, though I'm not always sure what it will be, given the nature of this project.

Guidebooks for my Fire Emblem Tabletop RPG: An old project I started years ago, I've been working on it off and on for a while. For a whole semester, now, I've left it on the back burner, somewhat out of awkward shame for not updating the forum community around the book on my progress. Now, I'll attempt to do things right. Tuesday the 16th, I'll be going back on the forum, and from then on, every Tuesday, I'll take the whole day to work on the GM Guide, as well as the main book. With luck, I might be able to start the splatbooks for Third Tier and other playable races.

Baldur's Gate Fanfic, Sunken Eyes and Broken Wings: I posted the first part of this earlier; it's something I've always wanted to do, so now, every Wednesday, I'll take the chance to do work on it.

Fire Emblem Elibe: While we're waiting for the FE Maker project on Serenes Forest to finish, I'll continue posting on this project weekly on Thursdays and Sundays. These posts can be chapters, supports, or developer insights on new characters or story changes. But, some Sundays, I might also include (or do instead of FE Elibe) posts on a different Fire Emblem project; an original story, Fire Emblem: The Black Seal

Weekly streams! Every Friday and Saturday, starting in the afternoon and going on into the evening (Pacific Time), I'll be streaming a variety of games. The first game I already have in mind; from there on, I'll be setting up a pool to allow viewers to decide what I play next. Note: Since Saturdays are when I usually have a weekly RPG session with a group of friends, Streaming on Saturdays will stick to the Afternoon, sometimes the Morning and Afternoon.


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