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Chapter 3: The Chieftain's Daughter

Narration: On the plains of Sacae, there is not much need for temples and shrines in the reverence of Father Sky and Mother Earth. However, there are a few. One such temple is located in one of the mountain passes between Sacae and Bern, sanctuary and neutral territory to denote the border. As Lyn prepares to leave Sacae for the first time in her life, she wishes to make one more stop along the way...

{Mountain pass}
Lyn: Hold a moment, everyone. There's a temple just off the trail, here. I' to make a stop there, before we really head out. Give a prayer to Earth and Sky...and to my mother and father.

Wren: Of course, Lyn. Take as much time as you need.

{Fade out. Fade in on temple, with civilians and a bishop inside. Enemy units storm the temple, and the civilians flee to the back. A mercenary with a boss icon approaches the bishop}
{Temple convo area}

Glass: Alright, this is a raid! If you want to keep your lives, stay out of the way, or show us to the good stuff!

Bishop: fiend! This is sacred ground! How dare you profane this place with your presence!?

Glass: Sacred ground? Peh! What use are gods to me? Do you not know who I am? I am Glass! The Scourge! The Gods FEAR my name! My swordplay is peerless! Now get out of my way!

Bishop: Oof!

{The bishop is shoved aside, and proceeds to flee past a door to the back area. The civilians follow him. Glass takes his position on the throne}

Glass: Alright, boys, search this place from top to bottom! Leave nothing behind!

{map pans down to reveal Serra and Erk standing nearby the entrance, in hiding}

Serra: Hmm. Hmm. Tch.......hmm. This is a real doozy...

Erk: Well, your contract said to escort you to this temple, and here we are, so let's just get to the second leg of our journey and set for home, shall we?

Serra: Don't you dare abandon your contract, Erk! I will leave SUCH a bad report for your teacher, and you will get SO expelled.

Erk: ...I was being facetious. It's impossible to be serious around you.

Serra: I knew that.

Erk: But what IS serious are those bandits. I'm not joking when I say we should get out of here before they come after us.

Serra: We can't just run away! My pilgrimage requires that I pray at this temple and deliver a peace maintaining offering to its head priest! Besides, I hired you as my escort specifically to deal with bandits.

Erk: Okay, first of all, when it comes to regular bandits, you don't NEED help. Five minutes in your company, and they'd already be running for their lives. Second, the last time you wanted us to pick a fight with bandits, I nearly died.

Serra: You were fine. My magic picked you right back up.

Erk: Doesn't mean it didn't hurt, or wasn't a massive inconvenience. Thirdly, these bandits are too large in number. You wouldn't get the chance to heal me before both of us were dead.

Serra: Hmm. An excellent point, my dear escort. Come, let us see if we can't get to the nearby village and round up the militia fast enough.

{Serra and Erk leave, just in time for Lyn and company to arrive and bump into them}

Serra: Oh, or the militia could come to us! Excuse me, Miss? Are you on your way to the temple?

Lyn: Ah, yes we are.

Serra: Oh, marvelous! The militia sure responds quickly. Those bandits will be SO surprised to see you here!

Lyn: Militia...? Bandits!?

Erk: ...These don't look like a local militia. I think they're travelers, like us.

Serra: Oh. Well, splitting hairs. Yes, hello. I am Serra, a priestess of Ostia. And this is my escort, Erk. Say hello, Erk.

Erk: Can we focus?

Serra: Oh, right. Yes, I was on a pilgrimage to this temple, but just as we arrived, a bandit gang suddenly stormed the place and started throwing things around, trying to run off with everything not nailed down, terrorizing the priests, and frankly being just plain rude, screaming something about glass.

Erk: That's his name. It seems their leader's name is Glass, a self-proclaimed peerless swordsman.

Lyn: Glass...? Glass...! GLASS!!!

{Lyn runs ahead}

Serra: Goodness, she's just going right in!

Sain: Lady Lyndis, wait!

{Kent and Sain rush off after Lyn}

Florina: L...Lyn! Lyn, calm down!

Wil: What just set her off? Does she know that Glass guy?

Florina: I...I don't know! I just...I've just never seen her this angry, before! Lyn, wait! You have to calm down!

{Florina and Wil rush off to help. Wren approaches Erk and Serra}

Wren: Thank you for letting us no, so we weren't going in blind. You two better get somewhere safe; without a chance to really hammer out a plan of attack, this could get messy.

Erk: Thank you for your concern. We'll let you--

Serra: Well, if it's going to get messy, you'll need our help, then! Erk here is a mage of respectable power, and I'm a Sister of Elimine. I can tend to whatever wounds you collect out there.

Erk: Serra...

Wren: If you're offering, we'll gladly accept your help. Come on, we have to hurry!

Serra: Lead the way!

Erk: ...This is beyond what I was paid for...

{Wren, Erk and Serra rush into position. Wren steps into one of the nearby forts to plan from, Erk and Serra join automatically}

Florina: Lyn! Lyn, are you okay? Please, you have to calm down!

Lyn:'re right, Florina. I was about to storm the temple by myself, but...yes. I didn't want to drag you all into this, but, I'm going to need all of your help. But leave Glass to me. I'll cut him down myself!

{Battle Starts}

Serra: Goodness, she's dedicated. Well, luckily, you all now have my help! My staff can heal any wound. And as I am such a generous and GORGEOUS employer, I won't charge a penny for my services. Ha!

{One turn passes. Dorcas arrives at the starting point}

Dorcas: I thought I heard a commotion here...looks like it's time for me to earn my keep.

{Dorcas rushes to join the others}

{Once at least one character breaches the temple walls}

Glass: What the...alright, who has the stones to interrupt a man when he's busy!?

[vs Glass]

Glass: Who do you think you are? What chance do you think you have against me? Whatever...fall on the blade of my Mani Katti!

[Lyn vs Glass]

Glass: Should've guessed a bleeding heart Sacaen would try to interfere. But none can match the blade of Glass, whom even the gods fear!

Lyn: were there...

Glass: What's that now?

Lyn: You... You killed my killed my father, my people! You took my father's sword!

Glass: OH SHI--!

[Glass death quote]


[After battle]

Bishop: I must thank all of you for saving us.

Lyn: You're welcome, Father. But it is what anyone would have done in the situation.

Bishop: Your clothes...are you of the Lorca Tribe?

Lyn: I am Lyn, the chieftain's daughter. Are you unharmed?

Bishop: Thanks to you, I am. But are you?

Lyn: Oh, whatever scratches these men gave me, they'll heal.

Bishop: I mean, emotionally. I could see you fighting from our hiding place. Such anger, and such sadness...

Lyn: ...The man leading these bandits, the dog who fled with his tail between his legs...he was there the night the Taliver descended on the Lorca. At first, I thought he was one of them. But after crossing swords with him, I realized he couldn't have been fighting the Lorca; none of us could've fallen to his sword. No, he was just a hyena, a scavenger who would defile the dead by robbing their corpses.

Bishop: Such as that sword in your hands?

Lyn: Yes...this...this was my father's sword. The Mani Katti. One of the finest Sacaen blades ever smithed. He...he used this to his dying breath, to ensure I escaped that night...

Bishop: ...The body dies, but the spirit lives on, returning to Mother Earth and Father Sky. They are always with us. Your father might live on through that sword as well.

[Image of Lyn holding the Mani Katti]

Lyn: ...F...Fath...Dad?

Bishop: See how it glows in your hands? He must be so happy to see you alive, and wish so badly to come with you, to protect you further.

Lyn: Oh...oh father...

[Exit screenshot]

Bishop: Go, Lyn of the Lorca. With you father's sword, and his spirit guiding the blade, continue your path with pride and with inner peace.

Lyn: Thank you...thank you...

{Outside the temple}

Kent: Lady Lyndis, how did it go?

Lyn: ... ...I am ready.

Sain: That sword...ah, I can tell from here, it is such fine craftsmanship! It puts the blades of us rank and file soldiers to shame!

Kent: And its could be used so effortlessly on horseback. But, I figure you wouldn't offer that sword to us?

Lyn: I'd really rather not. I already lost this sword once, that night. Now that it's back in my's like I have a piece of my father again. And with this ring of my mother's, the one heirloom she left's like we're all together again. I'm sorry if I sound selfish or sentimental.

Kent: Think nothing of it.

Sain: Ah, Lady Lyndis...such beautiful feelings! We dare not tarnish it with our own selfish thoughts of using that sword!

Wren: Well then, shall we depart?

Lyn: ...I'd like another minute. collect myself.

Florina: Lyn!

{Scene fades to the exit to the temple}

Serra: Well, with that, my pilgrimage is complete. Come, Erk, let us start the second leg of our journey.

Erk: Well, it's just retreading old ground, so this should be mostly painless.

Sain: (from off screen) What ho! Another wildflower? Perhaps a butterfly?

Erk: Oh sweet Sister Elimine, no.

Sain: (appears) What an absolutely delectable creature!

Serra: Oh my! Such a flatterer! Are you one of Lyn's companions?

Sain: Indeed. I am Sir Sain, knight of Ryerde. But, please, Sain shall be more than enough.

Serra: I'm Serra. I serve House Ostia.

Sain: Ah, Serra. What a lyrical name.

Serra: And a gentleman! Erk, you should take notes.

Erk: Please no.

Serra: Oh! So is Lyn a member of the marquess’s family?

Sain: She is our marquess's very granddaughter.

Serra: Hmmm... Such an important person.

Erk: Serra...what deviousness are you contemplating now?

Serra: Tee hee! Having a person of power in your debt is never a bad thing!

Erk: You can’t be serious...

Serra: Oh, Sain! Do you think we could join Lady Lyndis’s entourage? She seems like such a nice person, and I would ever so much like to help her.

Sain: Of course! We couldn’t be happier! Why, we were only just saying how we need some more fighting power!

Serra: Oh yes? Are you being hunted or something?

Sain: Yes, it’s an inheritance dispute. Assassins everywhere.

Serra: Oh my! In that case, my healing staff and Erk’s magic should come in handy.

Erk: Well, I, er... It sounds...dangerous...”

Sain: Your staff and magic would be extremely helpful! Please wait here! I will go and speak with Lady Lyndis on your behalf. (leaves)

Erk: Unbelievable...

Serra: This is fantastic, Erk! Our good deeds will earn us gratitude beyond imagining! (leaves)

Erk: I... I... I think I’m going to be ill.

{Scene fades out}
{Scene fades in on establishing shot of Castle Ryerde. Fade into chamber where Hausen and Eirwen are chatting. Enter Lundgren}

Hausen: Hmph. Good morning, brother.

Lundgren: Mmm, yes, it is. I noticed.

Eirwen: Hello, grandpa.

Lundgren: Hmph.

Hausen: You don't usually visit. Did you have a reason to come here, or did you just wish to interrupt?

Lundgren: I want to know if you received any word about my niece and her possible child.

Hausen: I've received word from Wren about three days ago. You already know the details; my daughter is dead, yet her daughter yet lives, and they are on their way here to meet us.

Eirwen: Poor aunt Madelyn...I really wanted to meet her...

Lundgren: Mm. Yes. Sad. How awkward it will be when a Sacaen princess were to ascend to a Lycian throne.

Hausen: I know. That's why I'm not asking her to do that. It's why I already CHOSE my successor to be Eirwen. If you have a problem with tha--


Eirwen: Mm!

{Hausen slaps Lundgren's hand away from gesticulating at Eirwen}

Hausen: Watch your tone, Lundgren! She may be your granddaughter, but she is also my grandniece, and I will not let you speak to her in such a--

Lundgren: OOOOO!

Hausen: What the huh?

Lundgren: Mmm! AH! I am next in line to the throne. So...I shall be in charge, until my granddaughter turns sixteen.

Hausen: Assuming I were to die before then.

Lundgren: Yes. That's true. I'm leaving now. Get well soon, brother.

Hausen: Hmph. Goodbye, Lundgren. Say goodbye to your grandpa, Eirwen.

Eirwen: G...goodbye, grandpa.

Lundgren: Bye don't follow me.

Eirwen: ...I'm sorry my grandfather is so rude.

Hausen: Oh, I've long gotten used to that. Hrrrmph! Hrrmph!

Eirwen: Oh! Are you alright? Hang on, lie back down. That must have gotten you excited...

Hausen: More than I thought...It's fine, Eirwen...I'll be fine...

{Outside, in Lundgren's chambers}

Lundgren: Mmmm this is serious! She'll be here any day now. Those bounty hunters have miserably! This is UnacCEPTABLE! EARL!

Earl: (off screen) What!?

Lundgren: Enter!

Earl: (appears) You seem distressed, father.

Lundgren: This is very distressing. Your niece is set to cross into Lycia shortly, and when she does, it's all over for our claim to the throne.

Lem: (appears as well) Isn't it already complicated by your brother naming my daughter his heir?

Lundgren: Acceptably changed when I am Marquess.

Earl: Hmm!

Lundgren: Hmm! But in order to ensure that, that Lyndis cannot reach Ryerde.

Lem: Father, if I may, (Lundgren: Yes) the most obvious entry point to Lycia from Bern is Araphen. They'll also try to rally up a resistance force. I propose a little...sabotage.

Lundgren: That is a good plan.

Lem: Then, with your permission, I'll head this project and get started right away.

Lundgren: Acceptable. (Lem leaves) She is a good woman. You picked an excellent wife, son.

Earl: I know, father. I'm very proud.

Lundgren: Hmm!

Earl: Hmm!

{Fade Out. End Chapter 3}
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