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So, obviously, there are some changes in the script, some small, some big. I should probably explain some of the bigger changes along the way.

Starting with: Who’s Wren supposed to be?

The short answer is: Mark.

The long answer is under the read more, but it hopes to bring the FE7 tactician more into the story.

So Mark the Tactician occupies a weird place in the MyUnit trifecta: Robin is the protagonist of FE13; Kris is present and gets to contribute to FE12, even though it’s Marth’s story, and they even get to be the star of the new assassins subplot. Mark, though, is almost a non-entity in FE7.

However, the effect of being able to have Mark is undeniable. While some let it come and go, and others groan at the self-inserts and the many, MANY fics around it, for a lot of people, having Mark was definitely a very positive experience.

So in the end, the idea was to reintroduce Mark into the story proper, as a recognized character. The process is slow going, as I hammer the character down, but they’ll get to interact more with the events of the game. Especially given that Fortunes, done by Hannah and later Nils, will be replaced with Observations, where Mark gets to weigh in on the subject and come up with some pointers. This also addresses the vagueness of the fortune telling. Other tactician related tricks will be considered and tested within the engine.

For Wren’s appearance, I apologize I didn’t have a portrait ready, already. I’m not entirely the best, even at splicing. Since DLC Lyn recognizes Robin in FE13, presumably as Mark, the idea for Wren’s look is a combination of default female Robin from FE13, and Malledus from FE1/11.
Robin plus Malledus
So, essentially, Female Robin aged up 40 years or so.

A stretch goal of the design would be to keep with the (limited) customizability of the Tactician; while female and Wren would be the game defaults, name could be left up to the player, as could the gender (selected between Male, Female, or Nonbinary).

Now, as for the whole issue of Ryerde, that one’s a little simpler.

Lycia is divided into several Houses. Through the course of FE7 and 6, we are introduced to several and get to see them, such a Laus, Araphen, Bandon, etc. Caelin was introduced in FE7, and then quickly dissolved to explain its absence in FE6. It didn’t have to be that way, though; during the course of both games, two houses are never used: Tuscana and Ryerde. Four if we count Tania and Worde, which are only used in the FE6 manga spin off. Lyn, Hausen, Kent, Sain, all of them could’ve just as easily come from Tuscana and Ryerde, without opening the plot hole of Caelin’s dissolution and how irresponsible Lyn turns out to be in 4 of her 6 endings (Kent, Florina, Rath, Solo).

As for why Ryerde, specifically, it’s in the ideal position on the Lycian map; it still allows Lyn and company to pass through Araphen and Khathelet, and it’s right next to Laus, which makes future plot points a little easier to pull off, as well.

Plus, “Lady of Ryerde” looked better than “Lady of Tuscana.”
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